Eight Ways to Attract & Engage Your Visitors Better at Exhibitions

September 09, 2018

Exhibitions without attendees aren’t of much worth. High-quality attendees are the lifeblood of any successful trade show. For an exhibitor, it takes a lot of effort as well as money and time to organize an exhibition. Hence, the number of heads present in the exhibition is important for the success of the event. A fruitful exhibition can help you in achieving potential partners and effective networks. Therefore, it is necessary to use right tactics to attract visitors and make the event ‘worth attending’ to them.

Sounds challenging? Worry not. These eight tricks will make your job easier. Give this a read and apply these on your next event to entice a bigger crowd.

  1. Communicate Visually:

     A stand design appealing to the senses will automatically amp up the exhibition quality as well as visitor traffic. Striking aesthetics, Unique stand design, clever use of lighting will help you to capture the crowd’s attention. Choose large signage, posters, and products for display to enhance the portfolio of your brand. Hosting live webcast and streaming videos to engage customers are also recommended.

  2. Include Game And Contests:

    One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is games and contests. Give your clients a good reason to visit your stand by arranging some fun activities. An interesting game or a contest to win a prize will help you to encourage the visitors and keep them entertained. This idea to attract people to your exhibition stand will surely work.

  3. Provide Free Wi-Fi:

    In this age of “Ok Google,” for the sake of delegates’ convenience, Wi-Fi is mandatory. For such trade shows, especially technology-focused events, reliable Wi-Fi is an essential thing. Nowadays when internet is as important as oxygen to us, providing it is a basic requirement. This trick will help you to please your attendees.

  4. Use Virtual Reality:

    In order to demonstrate the product and methodology to the visitors, virtual reality can be a favourable option to choose. Using VR you can give the visitor a life like experience about the product that they are into. It can overcome the physical limitations that the exhibition hall has, which will surely left a great impact on attendees’ mind.

  5. Choose the Right Team:

    A bunch of well-trained folks will make your stand more interesting to the visitors. Including right staffs in your team is another important way to attract people. Every sales process requires good interaction. So, to build a good rapport, an exhibition stand must contain active and friendly approachable employees.

  6. Offer Refreshments:

    Let’s keep it straightforward. We are a food-driven society. People do look forward to foods at an event. Besides, attending a trade show is quite exhausting as visitors are constantly being pitched to by sales representatives. Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere by setting up cozy sofas and chairs. Offer good snacks and beverages. Attendees are more likely to stop by if your stall provides them a space, free from the chaos of the event. The good food will be icing on the cake. Also, while having food and drinks the exhibitors and attendees can interact with each other. They may collect their email-id, contact number to follow up later.

  7. Exciting Giveaways:

    According to Reciprocity principle, when people receive something for nothing, they feel obligated to buy more from that company. If done properly, then give-aways can be a lasting memory for your business. On the other hand, it can be a great way to market your brand. The key to an effective give away is finding something that promotes your brand without breaking the bank. Choose relevant and memorable merchandizes, which will help you to collect valuable contacts or prospects. Make sure there is at least a logical link to your company.

  8. Proper-Promotion:

    Here comes the most vital point that can make or break your show. You could have the most fascinating stand, but if you do not promote it properly, all your efforts will be in vain. Start the journey straight from the invite. Upload banners on your website containing invitations. You can also send e-mails, write blog posts, and advertise on relevant websites. Use official event hashtags to create a buzz before the event. Do not forget to update your social feeds regularly before, during, and even after the show.

Follow these simple yet effective ideas to achieve a broader group of attendees in your next exhibition. Remember, your branding and messaging should be consistent enough to feel people they got great value for their time.

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