Want To Make Your Exhibition Stall Stand Out Of the Crowd ?

October 08, 2018

According to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 83% of visitors at trade shows have buying authority; 79% of these use industry events to make purchase decisions for their business.

A successful exhibition is a fantastic way to raise the profile of your company and it’s also an opportunity to boost your brand-image. As a result it can be a fantastic source of qualified leads and exposure for your business. The more attendees you can attract to your exhibition stand the more leads you’ll find.

But you also have to remember if hosting a stand works for your business, same goes for your competitors.

So here are some easy but effective tactics you should follow to make your exhibition stand a show stopper.

     1. Start with your story

– First of all it’s very easy to cover an exhibition stand in a vague brand messages and hope for the best. Doing so will make yours fade into the background for delegates.

you don’t have to be the wallpaper. While planning on your business strategy and working on your design, you should focus on telling the story only your brand can tell, in the most eye catching way possible. Because good stories are proven to make products and services even more valuable – which is exactly what you should be seeking to achieve.

You should present your brand story simply and clearly, so delegates can tap into it easily. You should think very carefully how your elements reflects and contributes to your story. Make your exhibition stand immersive, innovative environment – putting delegates literally at the heart of the action.

     2. Make your delegates comfortable

-For the duration of the event, your item of interest is your stall. So treat your exhibition stall like your home. Make it comfortable. Where people will want to spend time. Treat them well. Make them feel relaxed. Entertain them. And above all, where possible, offer the creature comforts other exhibitors have missed.

Comfort, treats and good behavior can be the key factor. Offer some quality coffee, free desks and wifi. Padded chairs can become another great move.

Color is equally another important factor. In past decades white color and minimal space have dominated but now a days many delegates find these place less interesting. So don’t fear to use bold colors. Brands confident enough to use bold color will stand out from the crowd.

     3. Think outside the box

– Think something different than your competitors. Offer visitors experiences they won’t find elsewhere. you should do something that delegates will still talk about at the end of the day and recommend to others.

To truly break the mould, brand teams must think outside the box. Really outside the box.

What does your business do that visitors are unfamiliar with but interested in? Do some thing special that visitors will not imagine but also enjoy. Traditional team games will be a great move. Doing so it will create a memorable bong with your brand.

     4. Give something away

– You can stand out from the bland big dogs by giving away something quirkier and still putting your company’s brand on it. Free corporate pens and mugs are totally unoriginal and can actually aggravate passersby, rather than entice them. Corporate headphones, laptop skins, bags, sunglasses, even Rubik’s cubes; the options are endless, and the chances of standing out are huge!

     5. Provide the warmest welcome and be the life of the party

– The  most striking and innovative exhibition stand will not engage visitors if the human touch is missing. Lot of brand thinks they will outsource everyone in their knowledge and send their experts. This may be true but the experts aren’t guaranteed to have hospitality training to welcome delegates onto a stand.

If you want to be the new kids on the block, then make your presence felt and have fun. Throw an after-party, become friends with everyone, have an interactive booth, and enjoy it. Nothing beats being young at heart!





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